April 30, 2010

Boxes. Lots of 'em.

Danbo & Wall-E
Source: noiruste on flickr

Last time I had to pack up my life, I had to get it in a suitcase and a box or two for posting. This time around I get as many suitcases and boxes as I want, but I have to take EVERYTHING.

Old school books, tea light candles, bobby pins, the elephant with its trunk up, my 21st birthday present yum cha set... you get the idea. And what to transport it all in??

Last night, G and I hopped from one supermarket to the next between Croydon and Sefton Park, on the hunt for cardboard boxes. An easy task you might think? Perhaps, but let us consider these environmentally-responsibe recyclers and their enormous crushing compactors that churn out cubes of ex-boxes like Wall-E does trash.

"Sorry, we crushed them all."
"They're in the crusher."
"Nah love, we pulled 'em apart!"

No thanks - I don't want the waxy ones from IGA that had lettuce in them. Not the foam cooler boxes with a meaty aroma from the butcher. No luck at all at Coles and Woolies. We re-fuelled with Wok in a Box (I tried, too small), and carried on to Foodland Sefton Park.

Oh Holy Grail of Nightfillers! I asked and I received - Sultana Bran, Savoury Shapes, Samboy Chips (we even scored a leftover pack of BBQ chips in that one). Empty boxes by the bootfull! Big, intact, empty boxes.

Take that Budget Packing Supplies. Stick your $6 teachests and free roll of tape.

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