April 15, 2010

Little Miss Papparazzi

Here in little old Adelaide we often miss out on the bigger acts, but Tuesday night was an exception - if Big Names to you means Kick-Ass-Gangster types. If you are 15 and you got yo' lighters up, you were probably at The Showgrounds enjoying school holidays and staying up past 9pm ;) I was there - and I didn't pay $125 for GA tickets. I didn't even pay $170 for the Bling Ring... nope, I was there shoulder-to-shoulder with my Welso Security boys in The Pit - respekt.

We got to wait around by the side of the stage and watch the next acts pull up in minivans, get out in their fluffy white Hilton bathrobes and scurry past under the cover of big dudes with gold chains. Restricted to the first 3 songs of each artist, there was a bit of this waiting around to be done, but all the better to soak up a bit of My-Job-Is-Cool-At-Times under the big Ferris Wheel, and eavesdrop into conversations about why Akon was a no-show (stopped for drugs at the airport??)

Due to a rather strict release form, the only place these shots are supposed to appear is on the Glam Adelaide website - so I'm going to send you all over there to have a look at my close encounters with Kelly Rowland, Eve, Sean Paul, Jay Sean, Pitbull and Kardinal Offishal.

Full gallery at Glam Adelaide - thanks Kelly (Noble, and Rowland)!

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  1. Oh I had a chance to meet Kelly Rowland in Miami she is so sweet