April 23, 2010

Keep on movin'

Everyone is on the move these days. Friends, family, strangers - everyone seems to be uprooting or moving and if they're not it's probably because they're stuck under a cloud of volcanic ash.

I use the term 'these days' pretty loosely, meaning more like 'this year' or 'at this time in my life'. Some are getting married, some are having babies, others are travelling, starting businesses, nine-to-fiving, job-hunting - and then there are the Floaters, those of us stuck wondering about the outcome of a still-verdictless life (watch the music-video above).

I think it's a Quarter-Life Crisis. Do the rest of the twenty-somethings feel the same?

At a wedding on the weekend, where I cut my teeth photographing somebody's Most Important Day, I had a chat to a very dear friend. She's been on the move as long as I can remember, studying abroad and now pushing forward in a career. I've taken cues from her - do what you love, have fun, etc, but the search for Something To Do has lead to more than I can handle.

Seeing the world opens your eyes to possibility and there are an overwhelming number of possibilities out there. What happens next? Which path to take? Get ahead in your career? Start a family before you're too old (not yet, thanks)? Travel more (yes, please)?

Last month I started a job I really like and has potential to keep me interested for a good while. Income - check.

Next week I'm moving out of home. Properly. That's one other step I need to keep going around the board - past Go and sadly not collecting $200 but shelling it out instead. My own roof over my head - check.

Direction and self-fulfillment and eternal happiness? That's on the way, right? I've already said finishing university was the easy part, it's just choosing a path to follow now that I'm having trouble with. What do you do when you want to do everything?

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  1. I can relate!! especially on the last part.... "what do you do when you want to do everything?" but why does that saying, " a jack of all trades and a master of none", why does it have to be true?

  2. Maybe it doesn't have to be true, but it sure is a challenge when you have so many directions and you can only take one at a time (two at best). We have about 60 years left to fill up, but we forget that and want to do it all NOW :)