May 19, 2010

Where The Heart Is

When you pack it all up and move it, you begin to realise how much of it you own.

Stuff. The pitfall of a consumerist society.

There is the stuff that fits in boxes and stuff that needs a trailer. Stuff in the back of the ute and stuff in little containers. Stuff in drawers and stuff under the bed and stuff on the walls. You can bundle it up and ship it around and then eventually more stuff arrives, just in a different letterbox. Even after filling boxes and bags with stuff to donate, there was still a lot of it left.

If home is were your stuff is, I now have a new home, which I actually love and shall be 'warming' this weekend with my housemate C. My heart, well it's pretty comfy for the time being. I left a bit of it overseas, so I may have to go back one day to find it. I think it's at a gelati stand in Florence.

EDIT: This is the 'pack n move' process, saying goodbye to my old Granny Flat. I will have plenty to show of the new place soon!




This mattress is older than I am. I think it may need replacing.

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  1. Oh thanks, but that's the old place! I will have some photos of the new place shortly.

  2. Which is why you do what I do and have a garage sale