March 18, 2009

You looked so pretty

I bought a bike.

It was 40 euros and I paid a little extra for a basket and lock, but I feel like I am getting so much more, bon rapport qualité-prix.

Maybe it was just the baguette in the basket but something felt very French about riding on the wrong side of the road, sans helmet. The brakes are average and the steering a little wobbly, but feeling the wind chill my bones and make my nose run as I roll along the street was a taste of adventures to come.

And speaking of physical activity, I also joined the gym - some 35 euros, paperwork, cartes and a photo later, I was enrolled in boxing, yoga and swimming. It's scheduled classes only (the French do love their control) and the bike ride there will be the perfect warm up. Now I just need to learn how to float like a papillon and sting like an abeille. Reading #FrenchSafari: You looked so prettyTweet this!

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