March 16, 2009

We are all on a journey

Source: ADAA 2008, Matt Sartain

I've been kind of quiet, virtually. I started all sorts of literary masterpieces but I just couldn't decide which to finish first. Did the world need a rundown of my weekend or was it hanging out to hear deeply considered reflections on the works of Monet as prompted by my French culture teacher? Big questions requiring big answers, yet my level of enthusiasm for all things blog is unintentionally onomatopoeic. I feel a bit blog, if that is a state one might experience. I don't know, the word just sounds good. Like 'combustible' (a family favourite). 

But seriously. This is France. Most words sounds funny.

What is this guy doing? He has lots of books. Maybe he's moving house. Maybe he's a Med student. Whatever, he's on a journey. We are all on a journey. That is a good way to start some interesting conversation, because regardless of whether you agree, we'll have something to talk about for the next 10 minutes.

I'd like to describe my journey in a really artsy way. I'd liken it to a pilgrimage, a quest for enlightenment or some such. I'd make you all jealous that you weren't off in Europe somewhere, living the carefree life of a student, satiating your thirst for knowledge and cultural integrity. In reality, I just found a nice picture. And I wanted to share it and have something to say about it. 

What journey are you on? Does it matter? Where are you headed? Do you have to carry lots of books?

PS: Don't be jealous. It's not quite the daydream you would think. But it is getting better.

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  1. Hi. You have a very interesting blog.
    People in most part of the time don`t know were are going...

    But.. this is essential... ever
    I`m grateful just for walking with a large smile in my face and in my heart... :)