March 27, 2009

Yes, we Caen!

Ouest France, Friday 27 March 2009

He is coming! Barack Obama is continuing a tradition started by Jimmy Carter 30 years ago, ensuring no U.S. president has "forgotten" the region of Normandy. No doubt there will be puns at the expense of Omaha Beach (Colleville-sur-Mer), the site of one of the most bloody battles of the Allied landings. I had hoped he would make a visit, and not for any particular reason other than the excitement of Obamarama.

I visited Omaha Beach a few weeks ago on a weekend tour of the Landing Beaches, and have to admit the American Cemetery is a very impressive place. Someone must cut the grass with scissors -the attention to detail and respect given to the fallen soldiers is outstanding.

If I haven't taken off in search of summer adventures by then, I think I'll stick around and see if I can catch a glimpse of the man himself.
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