March 23, 2009

Dear Spring

Bonjour, mon nouvel ami

I must apologise for my eagerness. It seems I was a little premature in my welcome. So eager for your arrival was I that I believed you'd arrived 3 weeks ago.

Bien sûr, I wasn't to know that you weren't officially here till the Vernal Equinox, which was only 2 days ago. We had exactly the same amount of daylight and night but I had no idea, you sly devil. Come to think of it, Friday was particularly sunny and I think I may even have a tan line from that brief exposure at lunchtime. Alors, it's nice to see you.

I hear you're gone on June 21, to make way for Summer. It's my birthday then, so I could be distracted and might miss your departure but stick around for a while, won't you? I'm hanging out to see the trees with leaves, flowers in the gardens and less grey skies.

Avec toute mon affection,
Kate xx

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