March 1, 2009

Tulips and Toes

Being homesick follows you around like a dark shadow, waiting for the chance to rub salt into the wound and ruin your day. I guess I've been a bit vulnerable of late, and homesickness took advantage of that.

It's not just a matter of blocking the gap under the door so it can't get in, either. You really have to do everything you can to stop it coming and that's why I bought the tulips. You need to have things you like around you, you need to tell yourself to be happy and you have to know that it just takes time. Grey skies and icy winds exacerbate the situation but they seem to be melting away and I'm taking it as a sign of things to come.

We farewelled winter yesterday. Jumping on a bus headed for the coast, we slapped it on the backside and warned it not to hurry back. After hours and hours of tears, I woke up with puffy eyes, put on my sunglasses and felt the sand between my toes. I felt the sun warm my back and I decided not to be upset any more.

I think the tulips helped.

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  1. That is lovely Kate - keep up the positives to eliminate the negatives - don't mess with
    Mr In-between!