March 3, 2010

Two of a Kind

I found this cute little statue in Corky Saint Clair, a great independent design shop in Melbourne's Degraves Underpass. It's underground off Degraves Street, between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane (also the home of the Platform Artists Group).

Immediately I thought of my favourite photo I took in London, and suddenly an outrageous idea was formed... I could print out my photo, frame it, and display them together!

It's poetry without words.

The Squirrel

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  1. hi! I found your blog through Stumble Upon ... imagine my surprise at a post about my greatest love and biggest fear! I spent a month in Melbourne last August, and I will be returning to Australia for a year this coming September. I loved Degraves, but I have to say your beautiful picture did give me shivers - I don't love squirrels at all! :-) great ost and great blog, I will be back!