October 2, 2009

Feria Goyesca - Ronda, Spain

I think some of the best moments in travel come about when you least expect - you stumble upon a place you'd never heard of, book some random dates, and they turn out to be the most memorable. Ronda was that place for me. Between Seville and Malaga, I was pretty much Googling photogenic cities in Andalucia, when I came across the Puente Nuevo in Ronda (more on that later). It was on the way, so we booked 2 nights and arrived one afternoon in early September.

There were an awful lot of little girls in flamenco dresses, too many for an ordinary day I thought. But it was no ordinary day, it was the annual Feria Goyesca, a festival of traditional dress, bullfighting and (as we would discover) completely booked out hotels. We were lucky to get the 2 nights we did, and I suppose lucky to miss out on the ethical dilemma that is choosing whether or not to attend a bullfight. After off-loading 2 backpacks in the best room ever, we walked back down the main street into town and right into the Parade crowd.

And thus, our first night in Ronda was spent picking confetti from all the places it doesn't belong.

These two were completely into it - dancing up a storm before the parade began.

If ever there was a cheesey live cross, this is it.

Observers steal a minute from work to take in the atmosphere.

The effort that the town put into this parade puts David Jones' Christmas Pageant to shame.

I can't decide who's expression I love more - his, or the lady behind him.

The confetti was the closest I've been to seeing actual snowfall.

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