November 28, 2009

Money in the Bank

Apparently, it's rather outrageous that someone would want to deposit cash in the bank here in France. Faced with my last rent payment, an insufficient bank balance and a subsequent cash injection, I thought it a rather natural thing to just pop down to the bank and deposit the bills in my account.

I waited in line, I got to the counter, I had all the right French words, but the teller laughed at me. Laughed! Ok, perhaps it was more of a scoff. A scoff!

Me: I would like to deposit this money.
Teller: *pitiful smile*
Me: Ummm...?
Teller: No.
Me: Ummm...?
Teller: Sacré bleu! French french french 9am to 12 noon french french castle french french french automatique.
Me: Oh.

So I have to go to the branch near the Castle between 9 and 12 and use the ATM. I think.

This woman works stupid hours, and not stupidly long but stupidly stupid. They have lunch-time closures and a day off on Monday because they had to work 3 hours on Saturday morning. So I guess I will have to carry my money around in my shoe like a normal crazy person until I make it to the castle.

After all, this is France. You just give up on things making sense.

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  1. Hahahahahaha yes I had so many experiences like this in France, the post office is another minefield!