November 17, 2009

Bragging Rights

My apologies if you know me and you've read about this already, but I thought I'd mention it here.

Not long ago I wrote about Grant's birthday in Malta, and mentioned a certain present. He did most of the work actually, I just helped with the presentation. Well, this is it:

My boy wrote a book. He told me about it not too long after we first met, and I wanted to read it, but he said it was in no form for reading. After all, 175,000 words on a computer screen are hard to get through, hence only a couple of readers had ever finished. Not to be deterred, I was given the file and the matter all but forgotten.

He did ask me a couple of times over the next few months how I was going, if I liked it, where I was up too. "Oh, it's good, I'm starting to get into it," I'd say. Then I'd tell him all about the 'real' novel I was reading at the time (The Book Thief, highly recommended). "When I finish this one, I'll read your's."

Truth was, I'd printed the manuscript, read it twice, added a few missing full stops and had it printed at Blurb. It turned out really well - it looks and feels like a real book. Who am I kidding, it IS a real book! And sales have already sky-rocketed to double figures.

If you can't shamelessly plug your boyfriend's book on your own hedonistic online journal, where can you? There are boys with swords and snake-people but don't let that stop you - it's actually a decent read and I am more than proud of him. Ok, I'll shut up now...

1st Edition
By Grant D Mills
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