May 27, 2009

Train de Nuit

I am getting the train to Paris tomorrow, and back home again at night. Somewhere in my deepest fairytale dreams it will be something like this...

So maybe I'm not going to Istanbul. And I don't get a sleeper cabin. I don't even wear No. 5 but maybe I should?! 

It makes me want to watch Amelie again, then go out and see Coco avant Chanel, which I've been too ashamed to do because of my poor French (and don't even mention subtitles, blasphemy!). Watching the Making Of (and the film in better quality) makes me want to pick up my textbook and absord every last grammatical exercise, every conjugation and vocabularly list, until I can ramble on about the flattery of being somebody's muse in the world's most beautiful advertisement.

So, back to reality. French exam tomorrow and I need to know my pendant from my depuis.
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1 comment:

  1. Ah! Amelie Poulain! Oui, I agree! Hope you have a fantastic trip to Paris, and you really should see Coco Avant Chanel! It's not out here yet, only June...if you like Amelie, have you seen 'A very long engagement'? Same director, and Audrey Tautou aussi...LOVE it! ;) As well as 'Hors D'Prix' (also Audrey Tautou).

    Good luck with your exam ;)