January 28, 2009

How To: Save Money #1

Somewhere around 4am, no matter where you are in the world, something happens inside your brain. Your ability to make rational decisions is decreased, usually leading to events such as tabletop dancing or kebab consumption. At high altitudes, the conditions are worsened, which is why I take no responsibility for my decision to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I did manage to regain my cognitive skills shortly after breakfast and, realising the error of my ways, switched to the productive take of journal writing. The other sensible thing I did was to consider my state of dishevelledness and go see what I could do about it in the bathroom.

As a poverty-stricken student, one must always be alert to the opportunities life presents. Take for instance my foolish decision to pack all my toiletries in my checked baggage, yet my fortune in discovering the free toothbrush and toothpaste in les toilettes. I heightened my search for further complimentary items and not wanting to bother the hostess, made the assumption the tiny pillow and acrylic blanket I'd been curled up with were of the same gratus nature.

Food, served in abundance, also comes in convenient sealed packages, perfect for stowing for later consumption. So my jacket inventory now includes, but is not limited to: 2 packets of peanuts, a Cadbury chocolate bar, Chinese New Year chocolate coins, orange juice, a banana smoothie and a sachet of jam. A gourmet feast for the journey to come! Reading #FrenchSafari: How To: Save Money #1Tweet this!

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