February 1, 2009

C'est combien? (How much does this cost?)

Spending money in Paris is not difficult. I am writing this in Starbucks after spending AU$9.40 on one hot chocolate.

I cheaped out on the one before this one - $6.20 for a watery mess. I think being sick was a blessing in disguise as I barely ate the first few days. I managed to get through one day spending only €8 but as I regain my appetite, I've noticed my purse get a little lighter. A baguette, gourmet style, set me back €3, which is not too bad. A crêpe with lemon and sugar is €2,50 and ham and cheese €4. A takeaway serve of pasta plus a drink set me back €6.10 and a very good pizza about €13, shared between 2.

You might be thinking there aren't a lot of healthy examples in the above. I'm yet to try a proper restaurant but I did notice a risotto for about $40 on a menu last night and almost choked. My CouchSurfing host Hatem rents a 1 room apartment (1.5 if you count the bathroom) on Rue Mouffetard for €700 per month so there is little left for proper groceries, let alone room to cook something healthy in a space smaller than your average bathroom vanity. Lucky there are enough calories in this hot chocolate to keep me going until dinner time.

The Metro is a another easy place to get rid of your coins - €3,60 for an all day pass which is worthwhile for anything over 1 journey. You can give coins to the beggars too (they are a dime a dozen and they speak your language, guaranteed), but beware of giving too much away, for you may find yourself stranded at the station with €1,55 and having to ask strangers for 5c to get home. Reading #FrenchSafari: C'est combien? (How much does this cost?)Tweet this!

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