January 13, 2009

A case of déjà vu?

I found a hostel on the Rue de la Fontaine au Roi. I have 6 nights in Paris and I figured I might as well make it worthwhile and stay somewhere as Parisian as possible, within my budget. (There is also the chance I'll be staying on Rue Mouffetard the first two nights.)

Google Street View lets you check out the neighbourhood before you book a hostel in the worst suburb of Paris. A blessing? Perhaps, but it also takes away a bit of the surprise and anticipation... Who am I kidding? It's still bloody exciting!!! Reading #FrenchSafari: A case of déjà vu?Tweet this!

1 comment:

  1. Rue Mouffetard is a great location to stay in Paris and I am sure you had a very good time there. Yes, isn't Google Street view just amazing.