February 14, 2010

Pink and Perfect

This weekend featured a couple of a baby-related celebrations, thankfully none of them mine :)

There is one on the way, which called for pink macarons and High Tea;

High Tea

High Tea

And one already arrived:

Little Feet

Lily Grace

Trying to get a start somewhere, I offered to photography my friend Nicole's daughter Lily Grace so I can start building a portfolio. I've been reading Anne Geddes autobiography, and while there are no pot-plant babies in the near future for me, it's interesting to see how other people have built their careers. I've also found a local wedding photographer who'll let me tag along on some jobs for experience.

The purpose of all this is for me to try as many different avenues and see what I enjoy. I've found a passion in this hobby, but I'm not sure yet where I want to take it. This afternoon I'm off to photograph somebody else's Valentines Day and it's a paid job for a change. Cheers to a few more on the horizon!

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