February 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Yesterday was one of those times I wish I was back in Europe, with money to burn and nothing to do but eat. Today is unfortunately too late, because being Wednesday and a Wednesday of the Ash variety, it's the start of Lent.

The particular Tuesday that was yesterday is know here as Shrove Tuesday, or for our very secular nation, Pancake Day. A day of feasting, of celebration, that is done more correctly (in my opinion) in Europe and South America. What would you prefer - crappy pancakes on the school barbeque, or the masquerade parades and fireworks of Venice? The point is to indulge before you spend the next 40 days obtaining absolution for your sins by way of confession and penance. It's no wonder the French call it Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday.

If Italy wasn't an option, I'd take Brazil. I've heard Rio has a few celebrations on the go, and if we throw in the 2016 Olympic hype it's probably not a bad little party. Mardi Gras was one of those word that gave me a lightbulb moment in France - the translation suddenly clicked, and then everything fell into place. Too bad I'm back home this time, but I've no doubt Venice will one day play host to me and a mask or two.

Not that I'm a particularly sinful person, but I did have a couple of indulgences myself yesterday. On Monday I received an offer of employment for the job I'd been crossing my fingers for, and was particularly excited about the whole occasion that I went out and bought a car. I sold my last one when I went away, and while it's nice driving Mum's brand new car every now and then, the freedom to get around on a whim in Adelaide, oh ye town of little public transport, is highly valued.

She still needs a name, but here's a picture:

Another debt to add to the list but a debt worth having in my opinion.

One more thing - while everyone in Europe is still scraping snow off their cars, we're preparing for another heatwave of at least 4 days above 37 degrees celcius. Unfortunately it's bushfire season, and Ash Wednesday also marks the anniversary of some devastating fires in South Australia and Victoria in 1983. It was one of Australia’s costliest natural disasters, with over 3,700 buildings destroyed or damaged. 2,545 individuals and families lost their homes which is probably a bit too much to give up for Lent. Not quiet so many fatalities and Haiti, but destructive nonetheless. If I prayed, it would be for some idiot not to throw their cigarette out the window and start another fire.

I'm not a very Christian person, so I don't partake in Lent, but I'm sure it's not a bad time to think about the things we do have, and the things we can do without (I just can't do without a car). I've got a job, and home, a beautiful boyfriend coming to visit tomorrow, and a weekend of perhaps un-Lent-like festivities at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Fat Tuesday may have been extended to Fat Week.

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