January 7, 2010

Swedish Eye Candy

I like looking at wallpaper. I've never lived in a house with wallpaper, but there is a LOT of it in Sweden and it's REALLY COOL. I think it's because I like patterns. Bright patterns. Some people think they're too loud but I like them screaming :) I would spend all day in interior stores in Sweden because (a) they fill me with happiness and (b) it's -18 outside.

On my travels I've come across a few illustrators that caught my eye. The latest one is Ingela P Arrhenius. I can barely afford anything she's created but I did manage a small notebook, because I have hardly any notebooks and I needed a new one *cough cough*. Here it is, isn't it just so... Swedish? Snyggt!

Some of Ingela's work:

Another place that I could spend all day in is Svenskt Tenn. I wasn't prepared to sign over my first-born there either, but I did employ my "browse-diamonds-at-Tiffany's-and-buy-a-keyring" technique, resulting in a very flashy gift bag. I think the lady on the bus thought I was pretty fancy.

Sveskt Tenn is where you can indulge your Josef Frank fantasies. Wallpaper, fabric, lamps, foot stools and tea trays in all the patterns you could want. Staying with my friend Rebecca at her parent's house didn't help me much - her mother has great taste. Thank goodness she reminded me that I needed an Elephant lamp and a Manhattan map stool, I'd forgotten all about them!

This is my last day in Sweden, and I depart with a heavy heart and a very light purse. I spent the last 2.5 weeks having an absolute ball, thanks to my favourite Swedish people. As we said, it's not goodbye, just See You Soon!!

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