April 28, 2009

Quicksand Castle

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  1. Hi Kate, it is Auntie Shell. Your Mum and I are in Perth with A. Janine. We are a little bit tiddley. Today your mother bought a couple of groovey pieces from exclusive boutiques. I tried to stop her but she was out of control. Tonight we are dining at home with J9 and her beau Greg. Tomorrow we may do Rottnest Island or we may not. Today Bron and I drove our way around Perth in the Citroen with no trouble at all - one way streets and all. You must facebook Jess. She will reply eventually - slack as she is! Perhaps you should email Maddie. She is such a wonderful character.
    Auntie Deed's 60th birthday was great fun - we really missed you.
    Bron has been keeping me up to date with your movements. You are really making the most of your time over there and that is great. If my experience is anything to go by, you will never remember how much something cost, but you will always regret not buying it or going to it or doing it. In other words make the most of your wonderful opportunity whilst over there.
    Enough of that Auntie-type advice - ABBA the musical is on and my coffee is getting cold.
    Lots of love,
    A. Shell and U. Tom, Jess and Paul.

  2. Kato, I'm in love with your photography! Absolutely amazing! So you recognised the winery! :) Yeah, KL & I went to the Barossa before going to Renee's b'day party, which was GREAT! Henry is SO SO cute! I tasted a new Rose that day at a winery recommended by the Rockford staff, and it was a champaignoise method rose, YUM! Although I'm sure you are surrounded by amazing wines ;)