June 16, 2010

A French Safari - The Book

Thank goodness the Queen was born and we had a public holiday on Monday, or else this would NEVER have been completed.

If you read my blog then you've read this book. If you look at my photos then you've seen a fair hunk of these pages. BUT, in the true spirit of marketing something that is essentially a re-packaging of previous wares, the epic tome that is A French Safari (in print) contains "never before seen photos", and additional witty commentary from yours truly.

It is currently at the printers, but as soon as I check the first copy next week, it's on sale to all! For only $120! I'm sorry about the pricetag. On-demand printing isn't cheap, and I just couldn't cull down the pages for the sake of a few dollars. It's got a nice hardcover complete with 348 full colour pages. Only the true voyers amongst you all would be interested in my innermost thoughts and feelings enough to pay $120, so this should essentially sort the wheat from the chaff. Or something.

So, flip through virtually for a pre-sale sneak peek, and start saving those pennies!

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! Book looks amazing, Kate!!! FAB job!!! ;)