September 25, 2009

Goes Like Lightning

Oh la, cette semestre passent à la vitesse de l’éclair. Déjà l'automne!

It's nearly October! I'm 2 weeks into a 12 week semester and the year is absolutely flying. Does anybody else feel the same way?

I've been writing about visiting Italy, which was already a month ago. Since then I've also visited Spain and played tour guide in Paris for the second time... and even that feels like a distant memory.

The sun is setting at 8pm, a far cry from the midnight sun of Sweden, or even the 10pm dusk in Edinburgh. I left Caen at the start of summer and now I'm back with socks on my feet, eating soup for dinner. The tan lines are fading quickly and I'm already looking for cheap flights back to Australia. Slow down! I'm not ready to go home! I know I can't stop the inevitable passing of time, but I've got so much booked in already, it will go even quicker. What's that saying about having fun? A trip to Dublin, 2 weeks in Malta, a little more of France, then exams and Christmas (where else but Sweden)...

But for now, I've settled back in to Apartment 10C. I've got new housemates - lovely Spanish girls who cook and clean, which means communal dinners and a tidy kitchen afterwards - domestic bliss! Speaking of food, here's some we prepared earlier:

We've got 4 more Aussies, and everyone is getting along nicely. We're off to Dublin for Katie's birthday soon, with more escapades in the works as we speak. Yes, Caen Round 2 is looking to be quite the ride...

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